Experimental and numerical investigation of the static performance of innovative prefabricated high-strength composite columns

» Autor: Yufan Huang, Enrico Mazzarolo, Bruno Briseghella, Tobia Zordan, Airong Chen

» Referencia: Engineering Structures, Volume 159

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An innovative high-performance precast beam-to-column joint for multi-storey framed structures is introduced. The proposed solution consists of coupling between Composite Steel Truss Concrete (CSTC) beams with a concrete base and High-Strength Concrete (HSC) columns. This paper focuses mainly on the static performance of prefabricated HSC columns, including experimental and numerical investigations. The finite element model of the structural system is calibrated on experimental static testing evidence. On the basis of the data collected, the finite element model is used to evaluate the strength domain of members and optimize the related coupling system between columns. Aiming to limit time-consuming analyses and provide practical rules for design, an analytical simplified procedure is introduced to compute the assembly’s strength domain. An analytical approach is adopted to estimate the reference design strength for the considered composite columns, accounting for the partial safety factor imposed by codes and allowing for estimation of the limit on the number of storeys for frames adopting the proposed precast technology.
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