Decorating MOF-Derived Nanoporous Co/C in Chain-Like Polypyrrole (PPy) Aerogel: A Lightweight Material with Excellent Electromagnetic Absorption

» Autor: Xiaodong Sun

» Referencia: doi: 10.3390/ma11050781

» Fecha Publicación: 11/05/0018

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To clear away the harmful effects of the increment of electromagnetic pollution, high performance absorbers with appropriate impedance matching and strong attenuation capacity are strongly desired. In this study, a chain-like PPy aerogel decorated with MOF-derived nanoporous Co/C (Co/C@PPy) has been successfully prepared by a self-assembled polymerization method. With a filler loading ratio of 10 wt %, the composite of Co/C@PPy could achieve a promising electromagnetic absorption performance both in intensity and bandwidth. An optimal reflection loss value of −44.76 dB is achieved, and the effective bandwidth (reflection loss lower than −10 dB) is as large as 6.56 GHz. Furthermore, a composite only loaded with 5 wt % Co/C@PPy also achieves an effective bandwidth of 5.20 GHz, which is even better than numerous reported electromagnetic absorption (EA) materials. The result reveals that the as-fabricated Co/C@PPy—with high absorption intensity, broad bandwidth, and light weight properties—can be utilized as a competitive absorber.
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