The design of novel neutron shielding (Gd+B4C)/6061Al composites and its properties after hot rolling

» Autor: L.T. Jiang, Z.G. Xu, Y.K. Fei, Q. Zhang, J. Qiao, G.H. Wu

» Referencia: 10.1016/j.compositesb.2018.12.087

» Fecha Publicación: 01/07/2019

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In this paper, a novel approach to evaluate the neutron shielding performance of multiphase neutron absorber reinforced aluminum matrix composites was proposed through the establishment of a direct relationship between equivalent B areal density (EBAD) of the composite and its thermal neutron shielding coefficient. It was found when the EBAD of the composite was 0.1105?g/cm2, the thermal neutron shielding coefficient will achieve 99%. Based on this proposed approach, (1% Gd+15% B4C)/6061Al composite plates were successfully fabricated using vacuum hot pressing method followed hot rolling. The results showed that when the EBAD of the composite was 0.1871?g/cm2, the thermal neutron shielding coefficient was above 99.9%, which was consistent with the theoretical calculation. The 5 mm-thick composite plate also had a good shielding effect on the Am-Be neutron source. Meanwhile the composite possessed a 380 MPa tensile strength as well as an elongation of 5% after hot rolling. In all, the (Gd + B4C)/6061Al composite designed in this paper showed better comprehensive performance compared with the literature's. The work of this paper has a great guiding significance for the design and preparation of neutron absorbing composites with high thermal neutron shielding performance as well as high strength and plasticity.

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