Basalt-based fiber-reinforced materials and structural applications in civil engineering

» Autor: Elisabetta Monaldo, Francesca Nerilli, Giuseppe Vairo

» Referencia: 10.1016/j.compstruct.2019.02.002

» Fecha Publicación: 05/02/2019

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In the last decades, a growing interest in using basalt as reinforcement for composite materials has emerged, since promising physico-chemical and mechanical properties of basalt products, as well as good processability features and cost-effectiveness of the corresponding production technologies. In particular, basalt fibers allow to define composite materials really competitive with those obtained by employing traditional glass or carbon fibers. Recent experimental programs and analytical approaches reveal that basalt-based fiber-reinforced materials may be effective for a number of structural applications in civil engineering. Depending on the fiber treatment and arrangement, as well as on the matrix type (polymeric or cementitious) different composite materials have been conceived. For instance, strengthening and retrofitting of existing structures (both concrete and masonry) may be performed through basalt-based fiber-reinforced polymers (BFRP) and cementitious matrices (BFRCM), as well as novel design concepts can be exploited by referring to basalt-based rebars and fiber-reinforced concrete (BFRC). This paper aims to furnish a systematic review of the state of the art on basalt fibers, basalt-based composite materials and their applications in civil engineering field, by tracing main available evidence and highlighting perspective aspects and open problems.

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