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4 Dec 2018

H-PreC, a family business founded in July 2015 by Cécile Crassous and her brother Arnaud, a PhD in materials physics and a researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne, develops and manufactures thermosetting composites using two exclusive industrial processes that make high-quality composites accessible from prototype to mass production. H-PreC was one of the three winners of the first Startup Booster event at JEC World 2017.

H-PreC two-wheeler parts

JEC Composites Magazine: Could you provide a quick overview of H-PreC?
Cécile Crassous: H-PreC is an industrial startup that develops and manufactures thermosetting composite parts using two original industrial processes to produce high-quality technical composites accessible from prototype to mass production. Today, we have two exclusive patented manufacturing processes: H-PreC One-Step® (deep-drawn composite parts) and H-PreC BloK® (monolithic composite parts). While the One-Step process is more suited to the aerospace market due to the integration of the surface finish into the manufacturing process, H-PreC Blok® has found its way into the motorcycle market.

JEC Composites Magazine: You recently launched the C-BloK® exclusive range of technical parts for motorcycles. What are the key benefits of these parts?
Cécile Crassous:
Motorcycle manufacturers, who are already familiar with composites for aesthetic parts, are looking for a solution to manufacture technical and semi-technical carbon parts in series for original equipment or aftermarket applications. They also need repeatability and perfect traceability to guarantee the reliability of these stressed parts. This is ensured by the H-PreC BloK® process thanks to the use of continuous fibres, mechanization, and reduced tooling.
We currently offer a range of about ten parts at competitive prices, from brake lever protections to swing arms, triple clamps and engine casings.

Brake lever protection

JEC Composites Magazine: What facilities do you have? Did you program any new investments to meet the demand?
Cécile Crassous: We currently produce parts in an ISO 9001:2015-certified, 1000m² factory.
The entire manufacturing line is internalized from mould manufacturing to part finishing, which enables us to be competitive and responsive.
In the first half of 2018, we made a second round of fundraising and were also winners of BPI France’s Investment Program for the Future (PIA).
This funding will help us meet the production requirements imposed by motorcycle manufacturers by mech-anizing and duplicating our line.

Engine protector

JEC Composites Magazine: What are H-PreC’s next challenges over the medium term?
Cécile Crassous: Our challenge over the medium term is to position ourselves as a reference for carbon technical parts on the two-wheeler market with our C-BloK® range.
Although the project is still confidential, I can say that a major step has been taken since we will be present at the November 2018 World Motorcycle Show (EICMA, Milan), showing our products on the stand of a major manufacturer.

Swing arm


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