An italian start-up is developing an innovative insulating material obtained from composite waste

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This company was founded in 2015 and is located in the North East of Italy; the company is an innovative start-up; the team of the start up is composed by five material engineers working at the department for Engineering and Architecture at the local university. The members of the company gained their actual experience from the field of nanotechnology, acoustics and characterization of polymer and composite materials. Technical and scientific knowledge, developed through research project participation, collaboration with private companies and doctoral programs, have led to the development of an innovative material obtained from composite waste for thermal and acoustic insulation.

The company offers an innovative, sustainable and cost-effective method (patent pending) for the rycling of waste fibre-containing composite materials, for example carbon fibre reinforced polymers and fibreglass, with the purpose to produce novel insulating materials. The process is able to embed the recycled powder within a natural biopolymer matrix to obtain new composite material for thermal and acoustic insulation. This material can be used in several sectors like construction and building.

The company is searching for an European company, a manufacturer of materials, panels or other components for building, naval industry or automotive.
The partner should be willing to make a license agreement or to invest in the company, in order to implement technology scale-up.

Company is also interested in research cooperation agreement.

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