Technology to reconstruct natural material with regular shapes, easy to process and with low manufacturing scrap, attractive for material suppliers

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The key concept is upcycling of natural materials (horn, leather, shell, wood?) in order to make them reusable for craftsmen and the industry. Responding to a market problem, the technology solves different kind of issues: storage, material homogeneity, manufacturing adjustment, waste disposal?

For craftsmen, they are looking for the easiest material to work on, which is not often available locally or generates many wastes.
There is a need for products made of natural materials but usually, they are not easy to process.

Starting from an existing advanced technology from metallurgy, the French company specialised in raw material, has developed a new process, based on fragmentation and compaction, to reconstruct natural materials with a different shape, ready to process.

Two ranges of products can be obtained:
- Material 100% made of the natural product which offers the same characteristics than the original product
- Composite material (natural material + biopolymer) which offers higher mechanical and chemical properties

For both product ranges, regular shapes can be produced according to the requirements.

The French company is looking for material suppliers with a responsible approach willing to integrate this process into their production line, being able to offer added-value and environmentally friendly products to their clients.

Technical cooperation and joint venture are preferably sought (licence may be considered).

Final markets are luxury goods (cutlery, accessories, pens?) jewellery, interior design?

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