Polish company producing industrial resin floorings is searching for distributors and is offering subcontracting

» Referencia: BOPL20170802001/POLAND

» Sector: Manufactura Industrial Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Industria

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This company is based in Poland and manufactures complete industrial resin flooring systems:
- polyurethane - implemented in garages, underground or open parking lots, public or commercial spaces, i.e. health care facilities, hospitals schools, laboratories, offices.
- polyurethane and cement based floorings - widely implemented in factories, food processing and manufacturing plants chemical and pharmaceutical industries,
- epoxy floorings - implemented in machine building plants, automotive plants, food manufacturing plants, warehouses, transport roads, parking lots, airports and many other places.
The company is looking for distributors of industrial resin flooring systems under distribution services agreement in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. The company is looking for partners with good knowledge of local markets.
It is also offering subcontracting for the main constructors or investors who are looking for resin floors. As a producer company is best suited to make the floors themselves on sites of the customers.

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