French Technology Transfer Office proposes a patented collagen-based hydrogel for wound care products

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The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the leading French scientific and medical university based in the Paris region.

The innovation is a composite dressing made of dense collagen hydrogel able to release progressively drugs for the healing of chronic wounds.

*Market Challenges :

Chronic wounds such as venous leg ulcers, bed sores or diabetic foot ulcers represent a major health issue. It is necessary to follow-up to ensure the optimal treatment of these wounds. It usually consists in a debridement followed by a compressive method. When this technique is not effective enough, the application of wound dressings is required.

The major drawbacks of this technique are :
-the frequent changes of dressings
-the numerous types of materials required (according to the stage of healing)
-The costs of hospital/nurse

The population is aging in western countries and diabetes is becoming epidemic. The prevalence of chronic wounds will arise and an efficient and cost-effective solution are then needed to promote skin wound healing.

* Areas of application :

-Wound healing in leg ulcers
-Wound healing in bed sores
-Wound healing in diabetic foot ulcers

*Partnership :
the TTO is looking for a co-development partner to bring additional proof of concept with more drugs (anti-inflammatory, pain relievers, antibiotic) and validation in animal studies via a license agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

*key words :

#regenerative medicine
#wound healing
#drug release

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