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Established in 1991 as one of the first private businesses in this field from Romania, the Romanian company has a 26-year long experience in manufacturing products of polyester resins reinforced with fibre glass or carbon fibre.
Since 1991, the company has continuously developed and upgraded production capacities in order to achieve high-quality products, specializing in the field of sandwich-type heat-insulating containers / shelters.
The Romanian company is supported by the latest technology machinery and skilled technicians. From the design and project phase, execution of moulds, parts and up to the actual production, everything is realized within company.
In 2009 a technological break-through was achieved by replacing the polyester resins used for production with high density polyurethane that is afterwards reinforced with fibreglass. The manufactured products are therefore 100% recyclable, safe for the environment and they comply with EU regulations.

The products of the company are:
1. Polyurethane panels
The Polyurethane (PU) panels have multiple destinations: they are perfectly suitable for the manufacturing of window shutters in all dimensions, for gates, doors, side doors, siding insulation etc.
These panels have a life-long guarantee, they are 100% recyclable and environmental friendly and their technical characteristics recommend them as a subsitute for all kind of products from the wood industry.

2. Shelters
- Design, manufacture, sale and service of the sandwich-type heat-insulating shelters made of metallic or non-metallic structures;
- Containers / shelters for telecommunications equipment and other industrial or special applications;

The Romanian company has a production area of over 4700 m² fitted out with the following technological equipment:
? State-of-the-art professional equipment for making metallic structures of steel or aluminium alloys: welding machines;
? Polyurethane foam low density injection equipment and high-capacity hydraulic presses;

Latest technology provided the European leader in thermoplastics equipment:
? thermoforming machine for high quality forming; dimensions of up to 2500mm x 2500mm
? trimming robot which ensures precise, clean and fast trimming on 6 axes
? a spray-up machine that enables spraying up high density polyurethane and fiberglass simultaneously

In order to develop its market share and penetrate new markets, as well as to enlarge its current customer portfolio, the company is seeking new collaborators in order to conclude distribution services agreements.

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