British research laboratory offers technical problem solving in polymers research, synthesis and analysis

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A UK-based research laboratory and solutions provider offers specific resources and expertise in polymers research, synthesis and analysis. They are looking for industrial and academic partners who require effective solutions for problems related to polymer science. Their services are highly flexible and offered under the framework of an outsourcing, services, subcontracting or joint venture agreement.

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A leading British research laboratory and solutions provider working in all areas of polymer science is offering resources and expertise in the research, synthesis and analysis of polymers.

The company, a university spin-off, continues to work in close collaboration with the university which is known as a world leader in the research and development of cutting edge polymer materials. Being an interface between industry and academia, the company offers its clients the opportunity to interact directly with researchers and academics in their areas of expertise.

The company offers technical problem solving in polymer materials, polymer processing and polymer manufacture, as well as feasibility studies, consultancy with polymers experts and literature reviews.

With extensive experience in synthesis techniques and a team of experts in polymer materials, the company can also provide bespoke support in the selection of materials, techniques and functionalities that meet specific conditions or match a desired application.

Additionally, they are able to offer quick and accurate analytical testing, interpretation and formulation of effective solutions. Their analysis testing includes chemical analysis, mechanical testing, thermal testing, degradation testing, molecular weight determination, surface and bulk analysis of polymer structures and properties.

The company has provided expertise to companies in the personal care, automotive, aerospace, packaging, printing, medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and engineering industries, but the services on offer are far-reaching and can benefit other industries.

The British company seeks new partners from industry or academia which may be facing challenges related with polymers and may require advice and further research, synthesis or analysis. They envisage partnerships in the framework of outsourcing, services and subcontracting agreements. They are also open to joint development opportunities under a joint venture in which resulting intellectual property would be jointly owned.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The UK company seeks industrial or academic partners facing polymer-related problems who require experts in polymer science to determine an effective solution.

Partners could be from a wide range of industries, including but not limited to, personal care, automotive, packaging, printing, medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and engineering.

Expertise and services are on offer under the framework of an outsourcing, services, subcontracting or joint venture agreement, depending on which type of partnership best fits the client's needs.

Advantages & innovations:

The company offers both desk-based and laboratory-based services. They routinely undertake technical feasibility studies, material assessment studies and academic consultancy.

They have the resources and expertise to answer questions and to formulate effective solutions to polymer problems.

Their services have helped industrial clients to scope and de-risk future in-house development projects, enabling them to save time and money during the development process.

They employ polymer chemists with practical experience in a broad range of polymer synthesis techniques, allowing them to meet the synthesis requirements of a diverse global polymer industry.

They specialise in bespoke polymer synthesis and polymer functionalisation. Experts will work with clients to select the appropriate materials, techniques and functionalities that will meet specifications and match a desired end-use application.

From the production of thermoplastic or thermoset materials with specific properties to the formulation of solvent and aqueous-based coatings; they have the expertise, facilities and networks to meet client needs.

The company has helped clients to develop intellectual property and novel patented technologies across a broad range of industries including oil/gas, packaging, home and personal care, water management and automotive.

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