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A fourth generation Italian company, located in northern Italy, is looking for new partners for its range of traditional and innovative paints and coating products, especially a new nanotechnological, heat-reflective paint. The company is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Distribution services agreement
Descripción completa

The Company was founded in 1904 in Mantua area, northern Italy.
It started producing water-based paints in powder form, becoming, over the years, an important production site of traditional and washable tempera in paste.
Throughout the years, four generations have followed one another and constantly improved quality of products, which are manufactured with special care to meet the needs of all customers.

Today, the company consists in two divisions:
? one division is focused on research and manufacturing of certified, water-based, heat-reflective paint which, thanks to nanotechnology, guarantees significant comfort and energy efficiency. The company aims to research and develop the best heat-reflecting coating solutions for opaque vertical walls, cool roofs, semi-transparent surfaces and finishing cycles for external thermal insulation composite systems.

Main features:
- certified, water-based products;
- excellent anti-algae, water-repellent properties;
- reduction of energy consumption for cooling in summer and heating in winter;
- high resistance to dirt absorption and to aggressive weather conditions, mechanical resistance, resistance to yellowing, less permeability to water and steam;

? The second division manufactures water paint and traditional coating for the construction industry.

Main features:
- certified products;
- anti-algae and anti-fungies properties;
- wide range of products suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, walls and roofs, including wood, metals, concrete and stone;
- 407 shades from the Unisystem tinting system;
- excellent weather resistant;
- complete range of traditional products: items for External Thermal Insulating Composite System, siloxane, elastomeric and quartz systems for exteriors, washable, breathable paint for interiors, anti-mould systems both for indoor and outdoor use.

The company is already distributing paint in Italy and established distribution co-operation in Cuba and UAE (for heat-reflective paint).
In order to increase its sales network it is looking for new markets: in particular the company is looking for distributors specialized in building materials.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Italian Company wants to increase its sales network and therefore is looking for new distributors.

A potential partners could be:
- Distributors of building materials, tool and accessories, willing to distribute the products of the client in their market.
- Sellers and importers of building related materials, tools and accessories.

The products can be sold either under their original brand names, or under the distributor own brand, depending on the nature of the agreement.

The Company is willing to collaborate with other companies active in the corresponding fields, especially across Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

The Company will offer marketing and technical tools concerning its products as well as technical support and training.

The company offers a distribution services agreement.

Advantages & innovations:

The company is able to supply a wide range of products, both traditional and heat reflective paints.

This paint helps in achieving sensible internal temperature reduction and remarkable energy efficiency thanks to the use of nanotechnological paints.
The company mainly uses organic and environmental friendly components during manufacturing process.
It is a Green Building Council member since 2012.

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